Hello, my name is Alex, but known as AlexFlipnote over the internet. I'm a Developer that spends time coding and building websites. I've been coding for around 4 years now and still on the road to learn more. Current languages I know well are HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Python, NodeJS

CSS Themes:

Discord_Theme, discord theme that changes the CSS style

ModestaCSS, a clean CSS framework made to match my website design

Twitter_Theme, theme that changes the standard Twitter CSS

Social medias:


AlexFlipnote/homepage, website that can be used as a personal start page with clock and date.

CoffeeAPI, simple, yet powerful API providing random images., a simple discord bot that helps you get started within

gitpullall, a Python module that calls "git pull" on all subfolders

KawaiiBot, Discord bot made in Kotlin to serve discord servers with fun- and moderator commands.

Terminal, group for Discord bot developers.