I do develop stuff, yes yes


Hello, my name is Alex, but known as AlexFlipnote over the internet. I'm a Developer that spends time coding scripts and building websites. Been coding for around [INSERT TIME HERE, YES] now and still on the road to learn more. Current coding languages I know fair enough are HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Python and SQL.


xelA, the only bot your Discord would ever need, it's time to ditch Mee6 and Tickets

KawaiiBot, a kawaii bot that makes your server more kawaii, a simple discord bot that helps you get started within

Modesta, a responsive CSS framework with built-in dark and light theme

GiveMeBadge, a simple bot script that makes you gain the 'Active Developer' badge on Discord

AlexFlipnote/homepage, website that can be used as a personal start page with clock and date

CoffeeAPI, simple, yet powerful API providing random images

diskspace, making it possible to use Linux df & du command on Windows

Work status:

I work for a company named Joyn and have done since May 2022. My status there is lead developer and I'm responsible for their backend technologies. Some of the Discord bots I have rewritten from scratch are TourneyBot, ZeroTwo and Emote Manager. All of these bots together have over 1.5 million servers and 200 million users.


Releasing my branding materials if you desire to use it. Only requirement I have for using this is to give proper information/credits about where the image comes from (

Note: All images listed under are licenced under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Since my favourite is Blue Raspberry, it is therefore my main colour. Essentially, it is my branding colour and should be used as the main colour, yes yes.

Blue Raspberry#14bae4

Reference sheet

Here is the reference sheet for the character associated with the branding AlexFlipnote

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Current avatar

The official avatar I use under the username AlexFlipnote online

Full body
1:1 avatar version
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xelA (simplified version)

The avatar used for xelA, which is a simplified version of the official avatar

xelA: Winter
xelA: Spring
xelA: Summer
xelA: Autumn
xelA: Default
xelA: Halloween
xelA: Christmas
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