History Timeline

Over the time I have coded and learned HTML/CSS/JS, I've always stored my progress on GitHub and older archives on local PC. This website is to have a place for old memories to shine again, with explanation of what progress I made, from oldest to latest. The folders are sorted by YYYY-MM-DD for best sorting method. (even tho DD-MM-YYYY is best)

20. August 2016

First release of my personal website, learning to code HTML/CSS

26. August 2016

Learning to tweak more and clean my sources

18. October 2016

Started creating my own CSS and dropping frameworks

30. November 2016

Learned more about animations and cleaner look of CSS

17. January 2017

Started developing my own style of CSS coding

12. March 2017

Cleaning more CSS and starting to learn flex-box

6. April 2017

Learned more about animations and transforms (and abused it a lot sadly)

30. April 2017

Flex-box started to be a more standard when aligning and fixing stuff

11. July 2017

My personal CSS style had changed to a new one that I continued to develop

10. September 2017

Started to learn more about fonts, colours, dark themes and clean one-page style

3. October 2017

Personal CSS style started to take a turn again

22. October 2017

Started taking responsive design more seriously and learned to make it compatible for both PC and phone

6. November 2017

Learned about SCSS and started converting all my CSS over to a cleaner state

8. January 2018

Started taking advantage of Jekyll's website builder with GitHub Pages

22. January 2018

Created ModestaCSS framework (my own CSS) and started using that as my only solution for my personal website


The live site at https://alexflipnote.dev is today